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As the adherents to the Blind Fate we seek to experience the full extent of this game's story. We seek no more than enjoyment and pleasure as we wander through this developing world. But above all, as adherents to the Blind Fate, we seek.
Guild News

Taking A Break

jake71887, Mar 12, 12 8:07 PM.
In light of recent events, the guild is being put on hold for now, read more and look for any future updates on the situation here.


Getting there.

jake71887, Feb 15, 12 11:25 PM.
As more and more of us reach 50, we're going to start looking towards raiding.... And while gearing and learning your class is important pre-raid preparation, determining when the best possible time to actually raid is just as important. And on that note, we ask all potential raiders(Or even people just toying with the idea of raiding down the road), to post what times are best for them. The thread is located HERE ...

And congrats to our recent 50s, hope to see you all in some Operations soon =D


This is not the post you're looking for..

Thormy, Jan 25, 12 11:03 PM.
Hey guild,

As we're all settling into our characters and the classes available to us in TOR, I would like to take this time to remind you that you don't need to play alone, even if you're just trying a different class out for a bit.

Also, if you're new to the guild, welcome! We hope to have you as a member for the fun times that are ahead. There will be announcements forthcoming for the level capped players, so stay tuned.


The guildie of this post is Malkoom! Bother Malkoom today!

Welcome to the Old Republic

Thormy, Jan 10, 12 8:31 PM.
To those that are new to us, welcome. We're really excited to make new friends and explore this game together.

For anyone who attended last night's World Boss run, we're planning on doing it again soon. The calendar is open, and the next run will be on Monday, January 16th, around 8pm. If you're interested in previewing Ops groups for later this year, doing the World Boss run is a perfect way to do so, and to get to know your fellow members.

Speaking of which, it's now time for an ad for a random guildie! Talk to this person, and you will be happier you did.

And the guildie this time is Twiggie! She is very interesting to chat with and is very friendly. Message her today, tell her Duzen sent you.

Server Has Been Picked!

jake71887, Dec 13, 11 7:15 AM.

For those of you who haven't heard yet, our server has been picked and we've been placed on Dreshdae Cantina. And if things work out the way Bioware plans, when you create a Republic character on this server(Assuming you were signed up for the guild on the Guild Headquarters page) you will get a prompt to instantly be placed in the guild. If I read it correctly, the Guild Leader nor anyone else needs to create it initially, it'll be there waiting for us.         

In other news, Early Access starts today in waves, based on when you pre-ordered mainly. And tweaks are still going on with the site, so please feel free to speak up with any complaints or suggestions by contacting me, Nilus, or posting in the forums about it. (The ideabox is another suggestion if you're afraid of being too critical) 

See you all in game! -Jake                             

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